Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pure Cleanse Ultra (Max)

(Formerly Pure Cleanse Max)

5 Star Rating. This formula really impressed me on a number of levels. It contained both a soluble and an insoluble fiber as well as numerous antioxidant supports for the liver and other organs of detoxification. On top of that it contained an herbal blend that I have not seen elsewhere designed to stabilize blood sugar, regulate cholesterol, and inhibit fat absorption. It also contains an appetite suppressant (although fiber and drinking plenty of water should help in that regard). It claims that in a study using their formula, there was a 450% increase in weight loss over diet and exercise alone. Withe the blend of ingredients in this formula, it is quite possible that a more rapid weight loss could more easily be achieved.

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Ultimate Colon Cleanse

5 Star Rating I give this product a 5 star rating (as well as the one above it on this site) because the formulas are so comprehensive. I particularly think that this one has ALOT of potential for enhancing heath. While the Pure Cleanse Ultra product ingredients (in the product listing above) are targetting weight loss through ingredients that enhance glucose metabolism and balance blood sugar, this product, the Ultimate Colon Cleanse, provides a very significant comprehensive colon cleansing program that will greatly enhance digestion and improve overall metabolism. It features organic ingredients in a 30 day package. The program includes an internal cleansing fiber blend (made up of 14 natural herbal ingredients) , and anti parasitic blend (18 anti parasite support ingredients), a night time cleansing tea designed to assist with liver support and detoxification, AND a free bonus: a powerful probiotic formula.

This is an excellent overall package to assist with cleansing and improve detoxification. There are quite natural benefits to metabolism that occur as colon cleansing improves digestion. All of this enhances weight loss....and this product appears to be one of the best that I have seen.

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4 1/2 Star Rating I am including Sivitrol in my selection of colon cleansers because it appears to me to be a quality product. It contains probiotics, enzymes, anti-parasitics and herbal ingredients that I look for in top colon cleansing products---and that I frequently do not find in many of the freely available products online. However despite my satisfaction with many of the ingredients, I am not giving it a top rating because I do not have a comprehensive list of product ingredients to study and report on. It is quite possible that I would give it a very top rating with that information.

At any rate, I think this is still a product worthy of being looked at...and the FREE trial offer (a 30 day free sample) makes this even more compelling.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Natural Colon Cleansing - Why Should You Take an Herbal Colon Cleanse on a Regular Basis?

Natural colon cleansing is becoming more popular today as people are recognizing that many health and weight issues are related to toxicity in the colon. It appears that regular herbal colon cleanses may provide some benefit in the fight for good health. The unfortunate truth is that many people are carrying around pounds of impacted fecal matter in their colons. Much of this is related to the poor dietary habits of many individuals today. Less fiber, more fast food, fewer fruits and vegetables---all of these habits contribute to this unfortunate state of affairs.

So why should an herbal cleanse be conducted on a regular basis? Simply put, the assaults to our bodies never end. For many of us, circumstances frequently arise where correct dietary choices become impossible. As well, there are times where holidays and family gatherings encourage a bit of indulgence and overeating. All of these things contribute to sluggishness in the colon and ultimately toxicity leads to disease states in the body.

However, even people who consume perfect diets, can benefit from regular colon cleansing. The fact remains that there are more toxins in our food supply than ever before. Chemicals and additives are found in increasing levels in prepared foods. Synthetic hormones are often found in our meat supply (be it chicken or beef) due to current farming practices. Even toxins in the air that we breathe, whether it is from car emissions or outgassing from the new carpet that we installed, can effect our health. All of these assaults further weaken the organs of elimination and detoxification in their ultimate goal of purifying and cleansing the body. Clearly, a little cleansing and detox support is needed on a regular basis.

It's apparent that taking an herbal colon cleanse on a seasonal basis makes sense in today's world. Stress, toxicity, weight gain, bloating, pain in the body...all of these signal the truth of why we need to consider natural colon cleansing as a regular program for health.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Colon Cleansing Hygiene

Could proper colon cleansing be a preventative for certain forms of colo-rectal cancer? Many naturopathic oriented physicians would suggest that the answer is "yes." This video highlights the need for prevention and awareness.


Tips on Getting the Best Colon Cleanser for Your Money

With the myriad of colon cleansers on the market, it is often difficult to know how to choose the best colon cleanser for your money. Here are a few simple tips:

1. Look for products that are willing to undergo audit by an independent third party analysis. In this way, you can be assured of the fact that your colon cleansing product contains a therapeutic dosage of its ingredients. Without that scrutiny, there can be no guarantee that your colon cleanse product actually contains what it says that it contains.

2. Look for products that are willing to be recognized as up to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedure) standard. According to GMP, products must pass 26 steps from raw materials to finished products. In the US today, these processes are not required by law for dietary supplements. However, some companies seek to undertake such quality assurance and control to encourage consumer confidence. Such manufacturing processes, can assure the consumer that a supplement is of the utmost potency and purity.

3. Look for products that contain “standard” ingredients backed by science. To find the best colon cleanser for weight loss, look for a formulation that contains such things as acai berry to increase metabolism, silymarin (milk thistle) to enhance liver detoxification, cascara sagrada to encourage cleansing, and dandelion as a natural diuretic and to encourage gall bladder bile flow, etc. These are considered standard ingredients basic to a natural colon cleanse.

Best Colon Cleanser Practices: A Recipe For Health

Many proponents of the “old school” health practice of “Natural Hygiene” are seeing a resurgence of popularity in their principles and practices. In particular, colon cleansing is on the forefront of this move to better health. Many people are now beginning to recognize the truth of the old adage, “Death begins in the colon” and are seeking to rectify their toxic crimes by looking for natural colon cleansing products to enhance their health.

Throughout the ages there has been an understanding that certain herbs, fruits and vegetables, fiber and water can have a cleansing effect on the body that can bring profound changes—even to the extent of turning disease states around---disease states that appear to have very little to do with the state of the gut. Yet headaches, poor immune function, sinus problems, menstrual difficulties---all can have a significant connection to the state of the colon and be greatly effected by the general health of the colon..

The best colon cleanser practices take this knowledge into consideration. Formulas that are designed to dissolve toxic matter off the walls of the colon, “grab” it and sweep it out of the body can bring a myriad of health benefits.

In terms of beginning a colon cleanse, if a person has had a long history of constipation or a struggle with some sort of “dis-ease” state, a colon cleanse should be started incrementally. As the decline in health did not happen overnight, it should not be expected that the resurgence of health will happen overnight. True health occurs in stages as the body builds and cleanses over time.

A natural and healthy colon cleanse will take this knowledge into practice and encourage a gradual increase in formula. Simply put, this is because too much cleansing at an early stage can overload the organs of detoxification thereby causing a “cleansing reaction.” Such a reaction may include aches and pains, fever, fatigue, etc. It is a short-lived reaction to the sudden movement of toxins through the system but it can be greatly alleviated by going slowly. The end result of better health is generally worth much more than the brief distress.


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